1. rod, stick, swish, birch or birch rod, withe, willow twig, Chiefly Brit. osier; whip, lash, scourge, strap, belt, thong, rawhide, cat, cat-o'-ninetails.
2.(all of plants) shoot, bud, burgeon, sprout, sprig; stem, twig, small branch; offshoot, Bot. runner, Bot. stolon, Bot. sucker; scion, cutting, slip, Hort. graft.
3. change, change of direction, new tack, shift; turn, maneuver, swerve, sheer, deviation, divergence, detour; move, transfer, relocation, reassignment; reversal, Inf. flip-flop, U-turn Sl. U-ie, about-face, turnabout, turnaround, 360 degree turn, pirouette.
4. hit, strike, beat, whip, Southern U.S. whup, thrash, lash, swish, birch, scourge, flagellate, horsewhip; curry, strap, thresh, flail, cowhide, spank, Brit. Dial. yerk, Inf. tan [s.o.'s] hide.
5. cast, throw, whisk, swing, sweep, move, wave, flourish, brandish, swish.
6. exchange, change, replace, substitute, swap, trade, barter; interchange, transpose, invert, commute, permute.
7. turn, veer, curve, bend, bear off, go off; swerve, shift, sheer, divert, deviate, detour, make a detour, go around; change course or direction, tack, Naut. jibe; reverse, Inf. flip-flop, about-face, do a turnaround or turnabout, make a U-turn, Sl. pull a U-ie.
8. move back and forth or up and down, wag, wave

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